IMG_20150104_090408Wanting to be loved and held throughout the night, needing gentle kisses and words to make everything alright.

Him critizing her actions and telling her she is always wrong, a love that had started perfect now sounds like a sad love song.

They had a love that seemed true and everlasting, she wonders how long she will stay with him or if the realtionship has too much masking.

Hiding the bruises, scars and tears, there’s not a day that goes by that she doesn’t live in fear.

He watches her wide eyed as she sleeps throughout the night, she has thoughts of leaving him to make her life right.

The abuse occurs everyday, hurtful words are spoken and she is left in disarray.

Why can’t they be happy and go back to how things used to be, two people have interferred and made their relationship dreary.

Maybe things will be better and they could be happy some way. One phone call can change their realtionship, family and home and lead to a dreaded day.

Will that day come when the two become one, for the babys sake they should stick it out and say they have won.

Things will hopefully be better and they can live their own life, work on their relationship to become husband and wife.


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